There are better ways…

Twice today I have been told today (by carnists) that “there are better ways to further [your] cause.”. The implication appears to be that had I moderated my horror at their online pictures of charred corpses of animals as intelligent as a young child, had I had a little more respect for murder as a “livelihood”, then they would have put down their knives and forks and become raging walking-the-walk environmentalists – vegans, even.

Of course, no matter which “way” I chose, there would always be a “better way”. There always is; as in veganism, so IRL. Just because you don’t choose the “best way” doesn’t mean you’ll never reach your destination. Unless of course you don’t want to go there.


Summer In Melbourne.

I got up early this morning to go for a run – I’ve changed my mind and might go to the gym after breakfast, coffee and PopAsia instead…

On the plus side, I’m so glad I didn’t have that stall at Coburg Trash & Treasure today, that would have really sucked. It also gives me an excuse not to release Jaq Sparrow yet…

Update: I went for that run

and released my little rescued bird back into the wild. I hope she does ok.

The Last Day of January…

…began with me selling a ‘Bobbie Rainbow’ (by Sir Peter Blake) for $250 and ended with me lying on the couch with a cup of tea typing this (Saturday nights aren’t what they used to be!).
Between the two events BAE and I went OP shopping, had a $10 car wash, ate pizza and chips at The Cornish Arms, and diverted through Fitzroy to pick up a couple of nice silver pins from Smith & Daughters.


On The Mend.

Jaq Sparrow is very nearly a “real bird” and has taken to perching in her cage. For the first time today she was also awake before me – right now she’s bobbing up and down and tweeting, trying to attract the attention of other sparrows. She’s still a scraggy, underfed looking thing – but looking a lot better than she did when I found her dying in a car park…


Do you even crosspost?

It feels like I’m forever trying to think of the best way to crosspost between my various social media sites. Continue reading

Day one.

First official day back at work today after the summer holiday. Luckily, I only work a half day on Wednesdays so it was a pretty cruisy day getting on top of paperwork, but leaving just enough that I’ve got something to do tomorrow… Apparently school sports this year are “rounders, softball, cricket and bat tennis” – aren’t they all the same thing???

To spice up the day a little, I cycled into work and back.

Meanwhile, Jaq Sparrow (a rescue) seems to be doing ok – she loves the sunshine.